Rick Andrews, Corporate Trainer and Improvisation Teacher, joins us for a discussion of Susan Cain's latest book, Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole. We look at how people and organizations are enriched and empowered by embracing grief, sorrow, and longing.

In Bittersweet, Susan Cain looks at the positive side of unpleasant emotions.

We talk about how comfort with unpleasant emotions enables people and organizations to have the hard conversations, how positivity and humor can be toxic, and how authenticity serves as an antidote.

Listen in if you are interested in how to lead through hard times with integrity.

Featuring Special Guest, Rick Andrews!

Rick Andrews is a trainer, instructor, and coach living in NYC and teaching globally. He is Head Instructor at The Magnet Theater and has been studying, performing, and teaching improvisation since 1999. Rick is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, teaching improvisation in the MFA Acting program.

As an applied improvisation facilitator and trainer, Rick has worked with hundreds of organizations using improvisation techniques and exercises to help meet their needs and grow their skills. Clients have included Google, Spotify, Salesforce, J.P. Morgan, Bloomberg, NBCUniversal, PepsiCo, Ogilvy, Chief, and many more.

You can learn more about him at his website or his LinkedIn.

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